Does anyone know what time it is, does anyone really care?

We are not a nation of equals, we are a planet of equal’s Some are more equal than others. It is contingent on those more equal, to help those less equal.

Time is just a joke;

A rising tide will lift all ships.

Richard Markowski is a household name at Project 180. He was previously a client with the MIST program in 2017; his case manager was Eton Vogt and his therapist was Emily Lundberg. Fast forward to 2019, R. Markowski was transferred from Twin Towers to Kress House for treatment under FIST. His first few months at Kress House were challenging. However, in 2021, R. Markowski has reached important milestones in treatment and has been a joy to have as a resident. He spends much of his time advocating for criminal justice reform focusing on police brutality. He is a self-described, “rabble-rouser and provocateur.”

While in treatment he has previously discussed that one of his greatest achievements was to obtain his degree from the USC Marshall School of Business in 1981. However, he tearfully disclosed that he did not attend the graduation ceremony as he did not have any family or friends who would be attending. He stated that it was too emotionally painful for him to attend the ceremony with nobody there while other graduates were surrounded by loved ones. Consequently, he never picked up his diploma. R. Markowski went on to work at the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor’s office and was one of the auditor-appraisers who assisted businesses in the wake of the 1992 L.A. riots. He helped struggling businesses lower their property tax in order to aid in their recovery.

A couple of months ago, Project 180 pulled some strings with USC and was able to secure a seat for R. Markowski with this year’s graduating class. We also were able to finally obtain a copy of his diploma. 40 years later in May of 2021, R. Markowski was able to cross the stage at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. This year’s graduating class is the first to have their ceremony at the Coliseum in 70 years! We like the think it was because R. Markowski was going to attend. This was not only in recognition of Markowski’s academic achievement but how much progress he has made while in treatment.

Richard would like to leave you with the following.

“What did the Volcano say?” I LAVA YOU!

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Godfather of Rap. Died too soon